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 "Behold the sacred tree. It is not far from thee. The child the root the serpent the key"

What is ZzennTemple?

ZzennTemple is a magickal course of self-realization for the Solitary Practitioner. It is a BioSpiritual (body-based) system for self realization, healing and activation of the Psycho-Emotional (kundalini) energy rooted in childhood. Only YOU can dive into the depths of your underworld and cull the "insights" that money can't buy—those precious Inner Pearls earned from direct experience.​ ZzennTemple is rooted in Jung's Collective Unconscious and Austin Osman Spare's "Atavistic Resurgence" (the idea that the human mind contains atavistic memories that have their origins in earlier species on the evolutionary ladder).

What is the BioSpiritual Path?

The BioSpiritual Path refers to the growth of our deepest Self, through the realm of time, toward its unique flowering. It is a potent process of reality engagement that transforms our lives from the inside out. BioSpirituality is a term referring to the full range of spiritual experience defined through natural means. More specifically, a body based understanding rooted in our shared evolutionary origins.

The teachings are designed to assist the seeker in growing from their deepest felt-sense into their true self. It is a school for sincere seekers whom I call BraveHearts. A BraveHeart is a person who has fought, and fights, the good fight of their lives. They have sought long and hard for true inner freedom and are willing to do what it takes to grow into their genuine beauty and power. These BraveHearts exist at many stages of the path and come to ZzennTemple in answer to the call of the whispering wind.


the biospiritual tree of life


"The path of the initiate is narrow, fraught with dangers, but yields the greatest fruit of the Bio-Imagination (human consciousness). It is the doorway into the SummerLand, the mystical world, where access can only be earned through loyalty and dedication. You cannot buy a stairway to heaven, but you will discover keys that unlocks dimensions (gates) hitherto unexplored."

— Zzenn 

The BioSpiritual Tree of Life is the foundation of the Temple. It represents the BioSpiritual path from birth to the present and how the inner child is connected to the kundalini energy.

When we are born, we start out as a young plant and grow into an oak tree. This is a useful analogy. Consider that each one of us was smaller than a grape seed and evolved into a full grown human primate. We grew through the Land of Giants (parents) into the canopy of adulthood.

The path begins at the crown of the BioSpiritual Tree of Life and works its way downward to the truck and root. In order to ascend, one must descend. To live, one must die. To be born again, one must enter the womb. To emerge, one must enter the cave. To blossom, one must be planted deep into the soil.

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