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Zzenn offers personal conversations via Skype for $60 per hour. This is an opportunity to ask Zzenn questions about your spiritual path, pick his brain about New Age topics and ask for suggestions on your journey.  This does not include political topics or subjects outside of the spiritual arena.

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In the email please include “I would like to schedule a conversation with Zzenn”. A reply will be sent to you to coordinate a day/time for a Skype meeting. Payments must be paid in advanced via PayPal through the donation page on this website. The balance of extended conversations can be paid when the meeting is over.

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I wanted to leave a quick review about my Skype conversation with Zzenn, for anyone who is thinking about talking to him. I had a great chat with Zzenn yesterday. He answered all the questions I had about the path and offered me suggestions for my journey.


Paul Sapourn

This is a review of my first Skype session with Zzenn. He helped me significantly. I had many questions about my path for quite awhile and he delivered well thought out and insightful answers that cut through to the heart of what I needed to know. He easily imparts his wisdom and experience onto you in a way that is easy to understand and that allows you to absorb the information fully. I highly recommend anyone who is thinking about a 1-on-1 session with him definitely go for it, you won't regret it!


Richard Alpert

I can recommend anyone talking with Zzenn if you any questions about the path. The way i see it is that he has simplified the path for the seekers and wash out all the fantasies and second hand stories. You don´t have to channel aliens, reach extraordinary mystical states or spent decades meditating. You work from where you are at and with your actual life. 


Joseph Grant

I'm really, really glad I took the plunge and booked a session with Zzen.  I found him to be a truly wise and gifted guide. After absorbing alot of his ideas through the watching his videos, it was the perfect way to embody everything I'd been learning, to ask questions and talk it all through. 

Skype with Zzenn

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