The story begins with Zzenn (formerly Christopher)  staring at a shot gun, considering ending his life, at the age of 18. He has a born again experience and becomes a missionary in Haiti. He later escapes a Christian cult and travels through the landscape of spirituality, from Scientology to the New Age, through both the left and right hand esoteric paths, for 25 years. Following continued energy releases in his body, his guidance leads him into the underworld where he experiences a shamanic journey into the past. culminating in a full Kundalini release.


 Permission to be Human is an antivirus to spiritual delusion. With ferocious tenor, Zzenn breaks down the construct that holds religious and spiritual memes together. He explains the root of hereditary religion and exposes the core of dualistic programming. 

This is a dangerous book for faith-based believers and a liberating relief for seekers looking for their native freedom.


 Zzenn brings a delightful and important message to children. In the story of the Imaginarians, children learn the difference between their imagination and the natural world. It is a simple illustrated story perfect for teachers and parents. Included in the back of the book are fun exercises for adults and children to explore the concepts of the story.